Thursday, January 29, 2015

Art to hang on your walls.

Well I've been a member of Fine Art America (FAA) for about 6 weeks now and have learned a lot about how it works from reading and particiipating in the Discussions.  One of the most talked about topics is marketing, especially thru social media.  Hence the purpose of this blog to let my readers know what is available on my particular part of  FAA which you can access through the following link   Since my last post I have become a Premium Member and now have over 60 images posted of both my acrylic paintings and photographs both color and black & white.  Prints of any of them can be hanging on your wall within days.  Many of my works on FAA have been featured on various Groups that I have joined and submitted images to.  Besides a variety of prints to decorate your walls many of these images lend themselves nicely to a new product, the throw pillows, as well as greeting cards. Check it out.

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