Sunday, April 12, 2015

Xanadu Announcement

It gives me extreme pleasure to announce that Xanadu Gallery LLC of Scottsdale, Arizona has accepted my submission to be one of their Studio Artists on their web site

What this means is that I now have my own page in the Studio Artists segment of their online gallery. Simply go to that section and put my name into the Search box to pull up my page.  I have a limited number of painting originals available for sale but plan to increase that number on a regular basis.

I have long admired Xanadu Gallery LLC, which is owned and operated by Jason and Carrie Horejs since Sept. 10, 2001.  Not only are the artworks they exhibit among my favorite but their story of opening on the day before the world changed forever is both inspirational and touching.   If you happen to find yourself in the Valley of the Sun, do yourself a favor and treat your senses to a delightful visit to Xanadu Gallery LLC.

Cape Elizabeth Lupines
8"x8" Acrylics