Thursday, April 30, 2015

Seven Words


Can these seven words help sell art?  I think the answer is "yes".  They are a "Call to Action" intended to move readers of these words to buy a work of art that has moved them (or may move them in the future) through a sense of joy or inspiration or whatever.

We, as consumers, are exposed to calls to action every day from sellers of everything from soup to luxury automobiles.  Every product/service, it seems, has a Call to Action associated with it, a phrase, a "suggestion" that tells the reader/listener to perform a certain action that will bring them closer to owning the product or service.

Some examples of  Calls to Action:
-Ask your doctor about...fill-in-the-blank.. to relieve your allergies.
-See your.. fill-in-the-blank... at your local dealer for a test drive.
-Call 1- 800..-fill-in-the-blank... for more information about how to refinance your home.
And the most used Call to Action of our current times...LIKE US ON FB.

So, a number of years ago I asked myself why not a Call to Action (CTA) that can help those of  us who sell art, (artist, gallery owners, reps and anyone who wants to promote the ownership of artworks) to actually give potential buyers a good reason to BUY ART?  The phrase "Invest in Joy & Inspiration  BUY ART" came about as a result.

This is a "suggestion" to people who hover on the edge of purchasing a piece of art but who can't quite justify it so they hold back as a result.  Investing in art has traditionally only addressed the financial reason for doing so with the hopes of making a profit on the art.  Our CTA calls for an investment not for financial gain but rather an investment in one's own joy, one's own inspiration, one's own happiness, contentment, sense of
well being or whatever that comes from owning a work of art that one has fallen in love with.

If you agree that promoting this message "Invest in Joy and Inspiration BUY ART" can help promote art and you want to help spread the word please go to or just click on the small bumper sticker in the gadget to the right and above "About Me".