Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oreo Cows...Art Show @ Aldermere

O.K. O.K.  I know they are officially called "Belted Galloways".  But every time (almost) that I mention Belted Galloways by name to people who don't know the official name, I get a blank stare back, until I describe the black cows with a wide white belt.  Then their faces light up and they say "Oh yeah! The Oreo cows"! Most people just refer to them as "Belties" your truly included. Much faster to say.  I had never seen one of these unusual looking cows until, my wife, Gloria, and I were on a back road in Rockport a number of years ago and drove past Aldermere Farm where they raise them. I later found out about the annual Art Show and Sale that is held at the farm featuring the Belties and farm as the theme.  Since Aldermere partnered with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) several years ago the theme of the show/sale has been expanded to also include artworks that depict Maine coast scenes, and the Erickson Fields Preserve. MCHT's website states "Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) conserves and stewards Maine’s coastal lands and islands for their renowned scenic beauty, ecological value, outdoor recreational opportunities, and contribution to community well-being."

I have 9 acrylic paintings of both Belties and coastal scenes in  this year's annual fund raising Aldermere Farm Art Show and Sale which is this Saturday, August 9th from 9am to 4pm. Check their web site for more info on the great variety of art from whimsical to traditional landscapes and coastal scenes.  You are certain to find something you love.  Admission is free and you know what I say about "free"...if it's free, take it!
Aldermere Belties
Acrylic  8x6

The Shop at Aldermere
Acrylic  11x14