Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Safety First

Something a little different here.  I've wanted to post something about how I set up to paint plein air on the side of busy (or not so busy) roads.  Maybe there is something here that one of my five readers can use.  Seriously though you do need to take some precautions when you're out painting in the world.  First of all I try my best to get as far off the road as the shoulder will allow.  Next I always carry a red fluorescent "cone" with me.  You can buy these at any store like Home Depot or whatever.  I've gone one step further and stenciled mine with the words "Dept. of Art".  I picked this up from another plein air painter and I regret I can't remember his name in order to give him credit. I do remember him saying that he thought Dept. of Art looked more official than Art Dept.  It may help reduce any hassle you might get from whoever.  Also, putting your car's "flashers" on can add to your visibility to drivers.