Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer is slowly last!

When we lived in Maine we would always be sorry to see summer end, but happy to see the colors of autumn, but sorry to know what came after that...winter...UGH!  Shoveling and driving in snow. High heating bills and layer upon layer of clothes to keep warm in minus zero temps.

Well, now that we don't live in Maine any more and have moved back to Arizona, our outlook on the seasons has reverted back to southwest mode which is just the opposite of northeast mode. In other words we're glad to see summer end and we're  looking forward to fall and winter with temps in the 80's and below and no more high humidity monsoon!

What all of this means is I can look forward to getting out and painting plein air again. My wife, Gloria, and I have spent the spring looking for a house to buy and have accomplished that. We now live in Surprise, AZ about 30 miles from downtown Phoenix, We have spent the summer furnishing and getting settled in our new home including my new studio.

I am sooo looking forward to getting back to a regular routine of creating art.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Big News

My BIG NEWS is that my wife and I sold our home in Maine and are now living back in Arizona where we lived for twelve years before moving to and living in Maine for thirteen years.  Both places have great attributes and some drawbacks most of which range from minus twenty degrees to over one hundred and fifteen degrees. However weather wasn't the only consideration for our move.

So now most of my plein air work will reflect Arizona landscapes as the last thirteen years reflected Maine land and seascapes.  Stay tuned.

 Telegraph Pass Sentinel 
6x8" Acrylic