Friday, January 25, 2013

CFD- tragedy and triumph

I think I've come down with a serious case of CFD...Cabin Fever Disease!  I love painting plein air, but when the temps get below 40 degrees outside my acrylic paints start to act funny.  Funny, like in getting thick and gooey. Great for impasto work, but not for my style of painting.  So my solution has always been to spend the winter in my studio, which in the past has worked pretty good.  However this year has been different.  I still want to paint outside. So, I'm trying out "plein l'automobile" painting (excuse my French).  That's right...painting from my car. But instead of acrylics, I'm switching to watercolors. I may try small acrylic paintings if this works out with the w/c.
Here are a few examples of what I've done so far from the driver's seat and a shot of my set up.  I cut an old rubber backed door mat to put over my lap to protect my clothes and the seats of  our car.  The last shot is of my "painting buddy" Rusty, who is only interested in anything that involves FOOD. Otherwise his attitude is "wake me when you've got something tasty for me". Anyone out there have any success with this kind of painting setup? 
Please feel free to send any tips or comments. 

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